Lightning Hood Weekly Round-Up For The Past Week In Bitcoin, June 24–30, 2019

Major Headlines 1.) JPM is looking to start consumer trials of its cryptocurrency. The coin will function as a stablecoin, with fiat cash being deposited at the bank in exchange for the token, which can then be transferred via a permissioned distributed ledger. The recipient can later redeem the token for cash from JPMorganJPMorgan to Start … Read more

Lightning Hood Weekly Round-Up for the Week Starting 2/11/19

Newly Added Items on Lightning Hood 1.) Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square and Elizabeth Stark, CEO of Lightning Labs go on Stephen Livera’s podcastSLP52 Jack Dorsey & Elizabeth Stark - Bitcoin: Native Currency of the InternetJack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter & CEO of Square) & Elizabeth Stark (CEO of Lightning Labs) join me to … Read more

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