Lightning Resources

Discover All The Ways You Can Delve Into the World of The Lightning Network

  • Getting Started With Lightning

  • Developers & Implementations

  • Running A Lightning Node

  • Lightning Explorers & Statistics

  • Wallets

Mobile Wallets

Desktop / Web Wallet

                                             Hardware Wallet

  • Lastbit (Key-chain sized hardware wallet that will support lightning)

  • Exchanges and Channel Management Services
  • ZigZag (Exchange Top Cryptocurrencies in seconds with Lightning)
  • SparkSwap (Non custodial exchange built on Lightning Network)
  • Thor (Channel opening service through Bitrefill)
  • Turbo Thor (Channel opening service through Bitrefill for immediate funds)
  • Lightning Hood Liquidity (Channel opening service through Lightning Hood) 
  • Submarine Swaps (Trade on-chain tokens for Lightning invoice payments)
  • LN Zone (Trade off-chain BTC for on-chain BTC)
  • Lightning Conductor (Convert Lightning BTC to BTC)
  • CoinPlaza (Non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange that supports lightning) 
  • Balnr (A custodial channel balancing service)
  • Recharge (A channel refilling service by Bitrefill)

  • Payment Processors & Faucets

  • Identity & Web Login

  • Developer Resources




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  • Lightning Enabled Websites & Miscellaneous

  • Shop With Lightning

  • Games on Lightning

  • Community

  • Community Projects

  • Lightning Video Library

  • Lightning Related Podcast Episodes

  • Research & Thought Pieces

  • Related Lightning Resource List
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