Lightning Hood Weekly Round-Up For The Past Week In Bitcoin, June 24–30, 2019

Major Headlines 1.) JPM is looking to start consumer trials of its cryptocurrency. The coin will function as a stablecoin, with fiat cash being deposited at the bank in exchange for the token, which can then be transferred via a permissioned distributed ledger. The recipient can later redeem the token for cash from JPMorganJPMorgan to Start … Read more

Lightning Hackathon Results

We have videos of all the presentations online here, so check that out if you’re curious about how the event was set up and what apps were made. We also uploaded a bunch of pictures here. The apps are: Anty Influencer – Countering social media negativity with donations Incentivized Sharing / Crush Pay – Get rewarded for sharing good … Read more

Maxwell Eyes Bitcoin Smart Contracts

One of bitcoin’s most respected developers, Gregory Maxwell, is returning to his cypherpunk roots with a series of new projects. After nearly four years as CTO of high-profile bitcoin technology startup Blockstream, he’s departed that position to focus exclusively on code. Mainly because, as Maxwell explained in his departure letter, he accomplished what he set out to … Read more

Understanding Simplicity: implementing a smart contract language in 30 lines of Haskell

Source: Medium Last Monday, Chain released our open-source smart contract language for Bitcoin, Ivy. Ivy is a higher-level language that can compile to Bitcoin Script, the low-level language used by the Bitcoin protocol to determine whether a transaction is authorized. Ivy makes it easier for humans to read, write, and use Bitcoin smart contracts. But since it is designed to be … Read more

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