Lightning Hood Weekly Round-Up for the Week Starting 5/25/19

Newly Added Items on Lightning Hood

1.) Bitcart allows you to use bitcoin via the Lightning network on Amazon gift cards


2.) Tweetstamp is a twitter bot that uses OpenTimestamps to append the hash of a tweet to the bitcoin blockchain Use OpenTimestamps for Tweets Against the Bitcoin Blockchain is a twitter bot that uses OpenTimestamps to append the hash of a tweet to the bitcoin blockchain. A…

3.) C-Otto created a script that can be used to balance lightning channels of a LND nodeC-

A script that can be used to balance lightning channels of a LND node – C-Otto/

4.) ACINQ has created a new Lightning Network explorer that shows a list of all known nodes and the geographic location of the nodes

Lightning Network Explorer
Displays the Lightning Network nodes and channels on a

5.) Grubles walks users through how to setup a private Lightning node using Blockstream’s c-lightning over Tor

Setup A Private Lightning Node Using Blockstream’s c-lightning Over Tor
Use the Lightning Network privately with Blockstream’s c-lightning and Tor anonymizing software!

6.) Cent2sat is the world’s smallest currency converter. Currently you can by 262 satoshi’s with just 1 penny

cent to sat
world’s smallest currency

7.) Part 2 of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Podcast #390 Revisiting Lightning is now available

Let’s Talk BItcoin! #390 Revisiting Lightning (Part 2)
Adam B. Levine: Do you think this [collaboratively signing with someone else] solution is becoming more prevalent…

8.) We at Lightning Hood are now selling limited edition bitcoin related coffee mugs via Lightning

Lightning Network News and Good Reads from the Week

1.) has changed ownership and is no longer safe to use

2.) Draug has configured a pinball machine to accept bitcoin via the Lightning network to play a game

3.) BTCPay now allows you to get paid in Bitcoin by simply sharing a URL

BTCPay Payment Request — Get paid in Bitcoin by sharing a URL
A new type of time-sensitive invoice pages built into BTCPay that allow you to get paid in Bitcoin and Lightning just…

4.) Square customers brought $166 million worth of Bitcoin on the Cash App in 2018

Square sold more than $166M worth of bitcoin in 2018 – The Block
Square, the payments unicorn led by bitcoin believer Jack Dorsey, reported earnings for the fourth quarter Wednesday…

5.) Want to delete your Coinbase account, but are unable too due to dust balances? Well follow Udi’s guide #DeleteCoinbase

6.) Casa launches three keyset types for their Keymaster:

  • Mobile Key for managing small amounts
  • 2-of-3 Basic Multisig as an entry-level multisig option
  • 3-of-5 Key Shield for the best security on the market today

Multisig Security for Everyone!
After a year of building Keymaster – the best personal key manager on the planet – we are finally bringing…

7.) Blockstream announces c-lightning v0.7. The new release is the culmination of work by 50 contributors from all over the world comprising of 1,300 commits. Check it out to see all of the new features and fixes

Announcing c-lightning 0.7, Now With More Plugins
The c-lightning team is pleased to announce the v0.7 release of c-lightning. This release is the culmination of eight…

8.) The Lightning Trust Chain Torch makes it’s way to Iran

9.) Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square shows of his new Casa node

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Shows Off His (Casa) Bitcoin Full Node –
Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, took another step towards financial sovereignty yesterday when he tweeted about his new toy…

10.) Radar releases one-stop onramp for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

Radar Releases One-Stop Onramp for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network –
Yesterday, Radar – a Denver-based technology startup looking ahead to the new financial paradigm – released a new…

11.) Bitficus makes a proposal for the universal symbol of a Satoshi

12.) ZuesLN gets upgraded to v0.0.5 with initial lndconnect support, the option to set invoice expiry and other features

A mobile Bitcoin app for Lightning Network Daemon (lnd) node operators ⚡️ – ZeusLN/

Lightning Hood’s Selection for Meme of the Week

If there are any other major news events or items we may have missed from the week please let us know! You can reach us on twitter @lightning_hood

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