The BlockClock by CoinKite

The BlockClock by CoinKite


In celebration of ten years of Bitcoin: The Block Clock. An electro-mechanical clock and price ticker designed for Bitcoin and related coins. Track prices from different exchanges, follow Electrum servers on your favourite chain. Includes wireless remote control (2x)

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  • We will only ever make 500 production units and each carries a unique serial number. Order now to get the low numbers!
  • They will be assembled in batches of 25. Individually soldered, inspected and hand assembled.
  • No costs were spared on parts and materials.
  • Comprehensive web UI for configuration, hosted on the BlockClock itself.
  • Electrum blockchain data can be displayed: height, merkel root, etc.
  • Multiple exchange data sources, and all their end points for pairs, daily volume, etc.
  • Enter simple python expressions for advanced calculations and your own personal metrics.
  • Custom API for your own data sources.
  • Multiple animation modes, including our favourite: ‘party mode’
  • 9 profiles for 4 pages. Can cycle through the pages, or use the remote control to pick.
  • 2x Bluetooth remotes included (3 buttons with 1 mute button)
  • Canadian Maple hand-made frame with museum-grade polycarbonate front.
  • 24x electro-mechanical 7-segment displays plus 6 color flip-dots.
  • Extra thick premium PCB, gold plated traces.
  • Power supply included (world voltages, and plugs).
  • Free shipping word-wide
  • Ethernet, Bluetooth and WiFi enabled
  • Web UI and fully customizable for your needs
  • Limited run with numbered markings on the back
  • Frame: 13.5×9.5×3″ (approx)


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