Lightning Spotlight June/July 2019

June and July Featured Projects

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Lot 49 Mesh Protocol

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Hodl Hodl

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A mesh-based P2P messaging network

80 billion mobile messages are sent each day via carriers and ISPs. Mobile mesh networks offer an anti-fragile, decentralized alternative that can extend connectivity to places centralized networks can’t.

The Lot49 protocol

This whitepaper describes our open-source plan for including incentive payments along with data to encourage successful delivery by nodes in the network. Users pay each other, instead of a centralized ISP or mobile carrier, for providing essential communication services. Lot49 builds on technology developed for the Bitcoin Lightning Network to drive mesh network adoption by incentivizing coverage and capacity where and when it is needed.

For both on-chain and Lightning trading

Hodl Hodl allows you to exchange bitcoins to fiat or other cryptocurrencies, both on-chain and on the Lightning Network. The trade workflow hasn’t changed much, the workflow is:

  1. A contract is created between buyer and seller;
  2. Seller deposits bitcoins from his Lightning wallet;
  3. Buyer pays the seller according to the agreed upon payment method;
  4. Seller releases bitcoins directly to the buyers Lightning wallet.

The only difference between on-chain and Lightning trades is that:

  • In on-chain contracts we don’t hold the funds — they’re locked in the multisig escrow.
  • In Lightning contracts, for the only the contract’s lifetime, we hold funds in our Lightning wallet.

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