Lightning Spotlight April 2019

April's Featured Projects

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Blockstream Green

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Lightning Loop

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Rebuilt From The Ground Up

To make Green the best it can be, we’ve rebuilt the iOS and Android applications from the ground up. Based on the new Green Development Kit (“GDK” – more on this soon!), Green has been optimised for speed and performance, while the interface has been completely redesigned to provide the user experience people expect from a top-tier Bitcoin app.

We’ve retained the same multisig security that our existing users know and love, while packing in a whole host of advanced features that should get our power users excited.

Lightning Loop is a non-custodial service that makes it easier for people to receive funds on Lightning. As we’ve watched the network and the number of Lightning applications grow over the past year, many users have told us they were interested in a solution to help with receiving on Lightning. We’ve also seen more and more use cases, from earning satoshis on microwork sites, to selling goods with Lightning, to sending peer-to-peer payments around the world, where the ability to receive is key. 

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