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We would like to thank Pierre Rochard for his commitment to Bitcoin and Lightning Network.  Below is a guide created by Pierre which will walk you through sending a Lightning payment with Zap.  If you get stuck at any point in this guide (or after!) please contact Pierre either on Twitter or by email so that he can help you out. 

1. Set up Zap Desktop

Follow this simple guide that I wrote 👇Easy Lightning with Node Launcher + Zap
This guide will walk you through connecting Zap with your LND node using the Node

2. Send BTC to your Zap Desktop Wallet

Click the QR code icon at the top left

Either click the Bitcoin Address button at the top left to scan the QR code if you are sending from a mobile wallet, OR click the clipboard copy button at the bottom right if you are sending from an exchange or a desktop wallet.

Send some BTC to the address. How much is up to you! Keep it reasonable — not too much but not too little. Wait for the transaction to confirm.

An hour later…

3. Open a Channel

On the right of the Zap Desktop window, you’ll see a “My Network” menu.

You’ll pick one of these two proposed LN nodes to connect to:

In theory it shouldn’t matter which node you choose to open a channel with, they have routing capacity to send payments to each other, however this is still very early days for the Lightning Network so it’s not uncommon to have payment routing failures. Eventually they will be extremely rare!

The Lightning Faucet is only for testnet, so don’t connect to that (unless you’re using testnet coins).

Click connect…

Enter how much you BTC you want to commit to the channel.

NB: you are not spending this much, you are just creating this much capacity to possibly spend in the future

Click Submit and wait an hour for the new channel to have confirmations.

4. Send a Payment

On Y’alls (or Satoshi’s Place) copy the payment request

In Zap Desktop, click the Pay button at the top of the window

Paste in the Payment Request and click Pay

All done, you just sent a Lightning Network payment!

Now you have a channel open and ready to send more payments!

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